"scent is the strongest tie to memory"


A little Story

Fresh cut grass, garden roses, hairspray, buttercream

That was the fragrance of our wedding day and sometimes just a single whiff of one of those scents will take me back to the early summer 2017, when friends and family from around the world came to a tiny village in Germany to celebrate with us.

You probably know what I am talking about.

One particular aroma, a single tone, a silent little note can trigger the most vibrant memories. What is the smell of your childhood? Your grandmother’s house? What scent will always remind you of roaming the city at night with your friends? What fragrance has a summer bike ride to the lake? Does your first kiss smell like a crisp evening breeze?

Our memories are the most personal treasures and the key to unlock them is often a unique scent. With every candle I make I preserve a feeling, a picture, a moment – bringing our signature scents to your home to capture, create and trigger your memories.